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2015 Junior Summer Camp

Do you have a golf star on your hands? Sign your child up with a U.S. Kids Golf Certified Coach this summer. Maria is offering junior camp at the Big Bend Golf Center and the Family Golf & Learning Center.

Program Highlights:

-Camp is for boys and girls ages 8-21.
-All skill levels are welcomed from rank beginner to advance
-Personalized program that focus on individual skill and learning style with instruction, skill building games, and friendly competition.

For more information and to register: CLICK HERE
Information about Maria Palozola: CLICK HERE
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U.S. Kids Golf is a research based learning program that incorporates achievement pins and levels to advance the junior golfer through various learning stages.  While she incorporates the U.S.Kids program into her camps Maria adds much more to the program and caters to the individual skill level and learning style of child.


Have you heard about the Junior Golf Exchange Program?

We are the only golf facility in the St. Louis
community to be a participant of a great cause!

Junior Golf Exchange

Do you have any junior golf sets that are just sitting around and not being used?
Or do you have a young golfer who cannot afford to buy a new set of kids clubs every year?
Don’t worry! We have a solution for you!

The Junior Golf Exchange is an non-profit organization that is bringing donated clubs of all sizes to the hands of kids who wouldn’t normally have a chance to get their own clubs! You can help us get a set of clubs into a child’s hand by donating a set of clubs at our golf center or make a monetary donation to help purchase a set of clubs for a child in need.


To Donate Junior Golf Clubs: 

Please bring your clubs to the Big Bend Golf Center. Once you have donated the clubs, you will be given a tax write off forms for your donations.
The golf clubs must meet four criteria:
-The junior set are a complete set of clubs with golf bag.
-The clubs and golf bag are clean and ready to use
-Clubs are less than 5 years old
-Grips are in good condition.
(Does not mean new, but preferably not torn or too worn. If the grips need to be replaced, come to the golf center to replace the grip at a discounted price)

To Receive Clubs:

Any child up to the age of 14 years is eligible to receive clubs through the program. Child and parent must come to our golf facility to get fitted for a set. This process is based off gender and height.

Note:  Our inventory is 100% based off donations from our golfing community. For that reason, we cannot guarantee we have your child’s correct clubs in stock.

If we are able to fit your child to a proper set, a form must be filled out to the Junior Golf Exchange to track the clubs being used. Once your child has grown out of the set, or in the case he or she has decided not to pursue golf, we ask that you bring those clubs back to the course so another child can use them .

How to get started? 

Please e-mail our representative, Maria Palozola, to take part in this program. E-mail her at info@stlouisgolflessons.com to find out our current inventory. As of now, we are currently accepting donations and not lending clubs out until we have an inventory.

Spread the love of golf!